Helen Ga Real Estate Homes Map

by Flynn Gentry-Taylor on October 9, 2010

Fall is a great time to visit Helen GA. Visit Helen and enjoy Golf at Innsbruck Golf Course! A Championship 18 hole golf course in beautiful Alpine Helen.

Helen GA One of the top 12 AFFORDABLE places to have a second home by the WallStreet Journal! Don’t Miss Fall!


Flynn’s video gallery

by Flynn Gentry-Taylor on October 9, 2010

Videos for 365 Things to Do Around Helen GA, HelenGaRealEstate, FlynnTaylor.com and NortheastGa. Enjoy!!
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365 Things TO DO Around Helen GA

by Flynn Gentry-Taylor on March 17, 2010

Pirate's Cove, Adventure Golf

Fun on Day 17 in Helen GA



by Flynn Gentry-Taylor on March 9, 2010

http://bit.ly/bGvKDI For 365 Things to Do Around Helen GA.



by Flynn Gentry-Taylor on December 8, 2009


In these times we could all use a little inspiration.  One of the things we try to do in life is fit ourselves and others into slots, or we try to make ourselves into some pre ordained personna.  We try to succeed at whatever we are doing, why?  Because we are doing it and we are told we MUST succeed.  But could we be in the wrong place, in the wrong field, in the wrong profession, in the wrong lane?  One of the oldest mantras is..”Do what you love and the money will follow”…is is true?  What would happen if things changed?  One door closes and another opens…which side of the door should we be on?  Watch this and then ask yourself, are you living up to your potential?


  From Service Dog to Surface Dog


Too much social life?

by Flynn Gentry-Taylor on September 1, 2009

Ever feel overwhelmed by all your social networking obligations? Disconnect for a week and see what happens! Let me know, do you miss it on the 7th day? Do you feel relieved? What did you do with your extra time? Try some Yoga instead of Tweeting! Hummm do you feel out of touch? There has to come a point when you are putting too much out there, and can you get it back? Probably not. Lots to think about. You alone can decide!


Planning June 2010 ???

by Flynn Gentry-Taylor on July 8, 2009

Yes come to Helen


What makes us unique?

by Flynn Gentry-Taylor on May 8, 2009

Helen, Ga is a small rural tourist spot.  Many say it mimics Gatlinburg, TN.  I say maybe so, but we are not as prosperous!  Actually Helen, GA is a small place with a lot of history.  I will be going into this these next few posts.  But First, what attracted me?  It was small, rural, beautiful, unspoiled..that is until the town needed revenue and then up when the Outlet mall.  Yes, at first it was great.  I did not have to go to Atlanta to find a Bass Shoe store.   I did not have to go to Commerce to find Corning Ware.  hummm, this is a good thing.  Then one by one, the little “unique” boutiques started drying up.  Yes, there were lots of people walking through the little boutiques, lots of people on the streets, but bags…where were the bags containing merchandise?  Being in real estate I soon realized most every business in town was for sale.  NO, they did not have a sign up, but they were for sale.  During the winter, when things were slow, I also notice other things, many businesses simply disappeared! Hmmmmm, this is a bad thing.   The little shops which sold funnel cakes, hung on, then came a BAKERY!  A large bakery.  Out went the little shops with the funnel cakes.  The little country grocery store gave way to IGA.  True, they kept the little store flavor, they kept some of their unique items, but it was still and IGA.

Not far away, our little shops in Clarkesville were struggling too.  We had a wonderful little store, called The Book Cellar.  It was one flight down with an owner who could tell you all about the latest best seller.  He could brief you on the latest local offerings.  And he hosted Author signings which came with refreshments!  But he finally had to leave, he could not compete with one of the new businesses, WalMart.

to be continued….:}



by Flynn Gentry-Taylor on April 19, 2009


So glad to be on line.  So much to learn, so little time.  I took this photograph yesterday of  Helen.

City of Helen, April 18, 2009

City of Helen, April 18, 2009

You will love being a part of this northeast community.  Come visit, and when you are ready to buy, call me.   Or visit my site.  http://www.FlynnTaylor.com for all the latest!


$8,000 Free for Me?

by Flynn Gentry-Taylor on February 17, 2009

Want to take advantage of the free $8,000 for first time home buyers?  Just be sure you do so before Dec. 1st!  For up to date information regarding local lending and obtaining your free government credit, which does NOT have to be repaid, just let me know you are interested and I will put you in touch with lenders in our area.  Of course if you are ready to buy a home, I will help you with that too.  Just visit www.FlynnTaylor.com for up to the minute listings for Habersham and White Counties.